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Introduction to Purtier Placenta

An introduction to the history and development of the product “Purtier Placenta”

Purtier Placenta is extracted from fresh deer placenta which contains the most active and most energetic live stem cells.
It has been well known as a miracle substance to help protect, repair and reverse the aging process.
Deer protein and placenta is chosen because of its bio-compatibility with humans and is known to provoke no allergic reactions.
Purtier Placenta is specifically sourced from New Zealand rather than Europe where outbreaks of diseases such as foot & mouth disease and mad cow disease are a serious concern.

The technology involved in the manufacturing of Purtier Placenta, includes Freeze Drying Technology , Nitrogen-Filled Technology, Enteric-Coated Technology and Emulsification Technology, to ensure maximum potential of the ingredients to be absorbed into the human body.Purtier Placenta is the result of more than 15 years of intensive scientific research and development by top New Zealand clinics and laboratories.Unravel the mysteries and science behind Purtier Placenta now.

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